Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lucy Neatby Workshops

Lucy Neatby May 2009 Workshops

"I design to teach" says Lucy Neatby.

Lucy Neatby was back for her fabulous knitting workshops this weekend. Yesterday's workshop was Tessellation Secrets-Creating Your Own Interlocking Patterns. Today's workshop was Part 1) Hello Cinderella...An Introduction to Intarsia and Part 2) Fringes, Folderols and Furbelows.

Introduction to Intarsia

Lucy describes Intarsia knitting as painting with yarn. She taught us today the importance of linking our colored yarns together for Intarsia knitting. Lucy says "yarns hold hands". "Let your yarns link with one another with Intarsia."

Lucy began our Intarsia workshop with teaching us how to make butterflies for winding our different colored yarns. She gave us some great tips such as to knit Intarsia firmly for a longer lasting knit fabric.

She taught us the most important step for Intarsia knitting is preparation. She gave us some great tips to make Intarsia knitting easier! Next we were on our way to knitting an Intarsia sample.

The second part of our workshop was called Fringes, Folderols and Furbelows. This was a great workshop for learning how to do great edges and decorative details for our knits. We had fun learning how to do a beaded unraveled fringe, an i-cord fringe, garter stitch edgings, and Latvian twisted edging.

Lucy and Catherine

Lucy is a wonderful teacher and makes learning new techniques fun. She continually checked each student's work making sure they understood the technique.

The Stockinettes deep in concentration!

The Stockinettes working on fringes, folderols and furbelows!

Lizette and Tami

Stockinette Teamwork!

Deep in concentration!

Cindi, Beth and Lucy

Lucy says " keeping stitches happy,
keeps the knitter happy"!

Those of us who attended these wonderful workshops are "happy knitters" thanks to Lucy's great teaching! Lucy's charm and her love for knitting is contagious!

Thank you to Beth Callahan for her hard work in getting Lucy back to teach for us. A great big thank you to Lucy for travelling all the way from Nova Scotia!

For those of you who could not attend the workshops be sure to check out Lucy's A Knitter's Companion Series DVD's to learn or improve a certain technique.

For more information you can find Lucy at


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't make the workshops. But having taken classes from Lucy in the past, you all are a lucky group of ladies. Love her hair color, and the mis(matching) boots.

  2. It was great to share the weekend with Lucy and the wonderful Stockinettes! Thanks, Beth, for making it all happen.