Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retreat Recap

Camellia City Stockinettes Knitting Retreat
October 15-18, 2009
Historic Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe, CA

The first ever CCS Knitting Retreat was well over a month ago and we are still talking about all the fun we had!

Here's your chance to read about the Retreat and catch up on all the fun and activities. And, yes, the attending Stockinettes did get squeeze in some knitting time with all that fun up in South Lake Tahoe!

Here's the Retreat Recap:

Historic Camp Richardson Lodge

There was no vacancy at the Lodge after the Stockinettes occupied the entire lodge for the Retreat!

Welcome Knitters!

Wine & Cheese Welcome Reception Night

Let the Knitting begin!

Diane, Jo & Lucinda

There was a lot of knitting and chatting at the Welcome Night Reception!

Elizabeth & Betsy

Knitters of all skill levels attended the Retreat. A special Stockinette "Thank You" to our expert knitters Elizabeth & Betsy. Throughout the entire Retreat, they so willingly lended a helping hand to any knitter that needed help.

Deborah found a comfy rocker!

We all had so much fun at the Retreat. This was not your Grandma's knitting Retreat!

Knitting Sessions

Free From Knitting Session

The Retreat was filled with fun optional events and knitting sessions led by our very own Stockinettes. Doris led a fascinating session about Free From Knitting. Everyone loved it!

Miniature Knitting Session

Jude is an expert miniature knitter and led a Miniature Knitting session that was a big hit!

Miniature Knitting

Can you believed they were actually knitting with sewing needles?!

Knitting R & R

Nina & Beth...relaxing and taking advantage
of the beautiful fall weather!

What's a Retreat without a little R & R (rest & relaxation)? Many Stockinettes took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to knit and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time!

Bonnie & Paige
Close Knit Friends

The Retreat was a time for close knit friends to enjoy this special event together. It was also a great time for Stockinette members to get better acquainted with other members, too. Many new knitting friendships were made during the Retreat.

South Lake Tahoe

Beautiful Lake Tahoe! What an idyllic setting for a knitting Retreat!

The Retreat was such a smashing success that we have already booked the
Camp Richardson Lodge for another Retreat in fall 2010.
Will you be attending this time?

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