Monday, April 19, 2010

April Meeting

April Monthly Challengers

Let's Get Green!

In honor of April's Earth Day, the Guild took on a
"Knitting Green Challenge"!

In keeping with the environmental "green" theme, the Monthly Challenge for April was to use recycled materials and create something new. Many Stockinettes took on this challenge and were quite creative in the process!

April Challengers

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse

It was fun to see the many creative ways that knitters can recycle, reduce and reuse. Some knitters cut up existed knit garments and re-purposed them into handbags, skirts and blankets. A few knitters even frogged (ripped out) existing sweaters and re-knit the yarn into a new sweater (see photo above). Now that sure is being "green"!

Recycled Sweater Bag

Check out Phyllis' adorable felted sweater bag! She really got her creative juices flowing. She felted a sweater and then made up her own pattern creating her one-of-a-kind recycled sweater bag. She ended up with only a few sweater scraps she saved on old sweater going to the landfill. Nice job Phyllis!

Junior Members Are Welcome

Sheila and her Granddaughter

We had a cute little visitor at our April meeting...
Sheila's granddaughter!

Did you know that the Guild offers a Junior Membership?

What a wonderful way to keep our needlecrafts alive by exposing young people to needlecrafts. If you have a young family member or friend that would be interested in a Junior Membership, please contact Doris or Jude in Membership for details.

Thank you to each and every guild member for taking on the "Knitting Green Challenge".
Let's all do our part to Recycle-Reduce-Reuse!


  1. Thanks, Lisette! Great pictures and great projects, Stockinettes! Nina