Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Flowers!

Spotted at A Perfect Blend and knitted by our newsletter guru, Sandi.  She'll be entering her flowers for the April Challenge at the next guild meeting, so better get working on yours.  Flowers can then be used for the yarn bombing Fiber event at The Discovery Museum  in June.  The Guild is supporting this event and has bought a fence that will be bombed with 7" wide strips of knitted or crocheted acrylic fabric and decorated with FLOWERS, all shapes and sizes and varieties.  (Hint, click on the FLOWERS link to be taken to a Ravelry page for free crochet and knit flower patterns.  You have to be a member so if you're not, follow this link Ravelry and set up your account today.  It's free and pretty much risk-free except for frequent episodes of yarn lust and project envy).

Another hint for today is to look on the right hand sidebar.  See where it says "Follow by email"?  If you fill in your email address there, every time there is a new post it will show up in your inbox.  Or, underneath all the posts, you can sign up for an RSS feed.  More on that later.  Master knitters arriving here soon.

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