Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy week!

Busy week for the Stockinettes.  It started out with Stitch 'n Pitch.  Thanks to everyone who pulled that together.  Nice tote bag souvenirs and free hot dogs, chips, and sodas for the seniors (I think that happens every Monday).

Sandi and Jude looking like they threw out the first ball, but they didn't.  

Last Sunday Gwen Bortner came to teach us the joys and beauty of Entrelac.  She had a large trunk show with her and the samples were amazing.  You can follow Gwen on her website Knitability and if you missed the class you can take on online version at I hear that's great and almost like having her there in person.  In the afternoon Gwen taught us how to really take our measurements so that the garments we make truly fit and how to turn those measurements and a  proper gauge swatch into a sweater.  Turns out you can't measure yourself.  You need a partner for that and she had lots of suggestions how to fit that into a date-night activity.  Use your imagination.  Both classes were packed with information and had excellent handouts and resources.  Gwen will also be teaching at TKGA in Reno.  Registration is tentatively set to open on June 13th but check the web TKGA - Reno Event to stay updated. I think any of her classes would be a terrific addition to your knitting know-how bag.  Thanks for visiting us, Gwen!

Elizabeth, Lisa, Gwen, Jude and Doris..............

Monday night found about 15 Stockinettes gathered at Lisa's house to sew together all of the strips we have been knitting for the upcoming yarn bombing at the Discovery Museum.  Fiber Event Discovery Museum  Susan cranked out yards and yards on her machine and we all sewed and chatted and had a grand old time.  We even had the help of a few of Lisa's pets.  We will gather again on Saturday June 2nd at 10AM for the installation that will be up for two weeks.  Knit in Public day will be June 9th at the Museum grounds.  Bring your chairs, umbrellas, water, snacks, and your knitting and sit in the midst of the yarn bombing which is really an art installation.  Hope you made or sewed a few strips and get to see them displayed.  I'll post pictures for sure.  

 Susan manning the ironing board 

 Sewers.  Who said we don't like to weave in ends.

 Measuring the distance - this is about 400 yards.

I helped just by being cute and quiet.  

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  1. Thanks, everyone, for coming out to "strip," (that is to sew strips together.) We put together around 400 feet for our Yarn "Bombing" project at the Discovery Museum. About 100 - 150 additional feet of strips are expected, and we should be able to circle the corral almost 4 times. Nice work!

    Lucky Lisa