Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Come and Play with Clay"

Come and Play with Clay!

Next week is our monthly Tuesday Night Program. The Tuesday Night Program on June 9th is "Come and Play with Clay"!

The Tuesday Night Program is held at the Synergex Offices in Gold River. The Program Night is a fun event for Stockinettes to learn a new technique, try out a new pattern or have fun doing something "knitting related". The June program is all about playing with clay!

The Supplies

According to Cindi Unmack the Stockinettes are supplying the Sculpey Clay for the program. To participate all you need to bring is your imagination and a few basic tools for molding clay.

Basic Supplies:

knife, toothpicks, molds, tiny cookie cutters, beads, crimp beads, needle nose pliers, scissors, rolling tools, pasta maker (dedicated to clay), rubber stamps, inks and paints.

Lorna Miser's Homemade Knitting Needles
featured in Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting

Polymer clay is a flexible medium and is easy to work with. It hardens after baking in an oven. According to Cindi, you can get creative with polymer clay and make buttons, beads, knitting needle toppers, and stitch markers. Fellow Stockinette Sheila loves playing with clay, too. They will both be on hand at the program to help guide everyone with their projects.

Don't you just love the adorable knitting needle toppers by Lorna Miser in her new book Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting! Come to the program and Cindi and Sheila would love to help you create your own needle toppers for your needles!

We hope to see you at the Tuesday Night Program on Tuesday June 9th, 2009 to "Play with Clay"!

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