Thursday, June 25, 2009

Design Your Own Neck Warmer!

Anne is Pretty in Pink!

Design your own Neck Warmer

The Stockinettes Monthly Challenge for May was to "Design Your Own Neck Warmer".

The challenge was from Elizabeth R. to design a neck warmer of your own liking and design. Many Stockinettes joined in on this fun project.

Here are a few photos of the neck warmers which were modeled by the knitters at the June Guild meeting:

Beth's Neck Warmer

Beth's Purple Neck Warmer had beautiful details!

Nina's Neck Warmer

Nina did a lovely lace neck warmer in a pretty pale green.

Diane's Neck Warmer

Diane knit a cozy neck warmer in varying shades of blue.

May Monthly Challenge

The Monthly Challenge is a really fun way to complete a challenge project between guild meetings. Are you joining the challenge each month or sitting on the side lines?

We would love to have more members enjoy this fun part of our meetings!

Are you up for the challenge!

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