Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Guild Meeting

July Guild Meeting
Trash to Treasure

Are you coming to Guild meetings? If you aren't, you are sure missing out on a lot of fun! Here is a recap of our July Guild meeting on July 2, 2009.

Crowd Control Please!

Our meeting was called to order as usual by President Lorna Miser. This was no ordinary meeting though because it was also Trash to Treasure night! We had a lively Stockinette crowd full of energetic yarn shoppers and bidders!

Yummy Yarn Lots!

There was lots and lots of yarn at the meeting, thanks to Trash to Treasure!

Have you checked out a book lately?

There were loads and loads of books at the meeting thanks to our wonderful lending library. A great big thank you to Cathy B. for bringing the lending library to every meeting!

Fabulous Food!

There was fabulous food at the meeting! For refreshments we enjoyed luscious tropical fruits, assorted cookies and treats...perfect on a summer night! (Thank you to the Stockinette husband who did the creative culinary fruit display!)

So, if you are not coming to our monthly meetings you can see that you are really missing out on great fun, great yarn, great food, great books and more!

Our monthly meetings are informative and fun! They are a great way for keeping you "in the loop" with the Stockinettes and knitting news! If you are a member, we hope to see you at our August meeting. If you are not a member, please accept our invitation to come and be our guest. We would love to have you join us and become a Camellia City Stockinette!

The July Monthly Challenge

T.P. Hat by Doris!

Last but not least...there is the July Monthly Challenge. This month we are challenged by Doris to whip up a toilet tissue cover. (Yes, you read that right!) You know like the cute little knit or crochet doll your Grandmother had in her bathroom covering the toilet paper roll!

So use your imagination and let's see what the Stockinettes can whip up for this fun monthly challenge.

Toilet Roll Covers Book

T.P., toilet paper, toilet it what you like. There are loads of patterns out there if you search. There are even books on T.P. covers! Perhaps you might even try your hand at a vintage pattern? The sky is the limit!

Toilet Tissue Dollies

We can't wait to see what clever ideas you come up with!

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  1. Thanks for the pics - and I'm glad you shared some ideas too.

    I'm looking forward to sharing my challenge project as a new member.