Friday, July 3, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Catherine & Co.
Doris, Catherine, Jude & Mary teamed up
and formed Catherine & Co.

Trash to Treasure 2009

They person's trash is another person's treasure. Since a Stockinette knitter would never throw good yarn away, the Stockinette members seemingly end up with a lot of unused and extra yarn in their stashes. So the Stockinettes came up with Trash to Treasure.

Green Yarn Lot

Trash to Treasure is our annual event where we auction off yarn, books, patterns, needles, etc.. All items are generously donated by Stockinette members. All sale proceeds from this fun event go directly to The Camellia Stockinettes library fund!

The Orange Yarn Lot

This year Trash to Treasure was held at our July Guild meeting. There were 11 lots of yummy yarn to bid on. Each lot of yarn contained at least a $50.00 value and some lots even contained over $100.00 worth of yarn and knitting supplies.

The White Yarn Lot

There were even fun raffle prizes,too! $1.00 gave you five lucky chances to win one of three fabulous raffle prize lots filled with yarn, patterns and more.

One raffle prize lot even contained two gorgeous garments knit by, our very own, Lorna Miser!

Here is a quick re-cap of how Trash to Treasure works:

Inge & Phyllis
(Planning their strategy!)

First you check out all the table lots of yarn.

Than you plan your strategy!

Serious Shoppers Inge & Phylis

Next, you check out the goods
like serious "treasure seekers" Inge and Phyllis.

Lastly, you place your auction bid and keep your fingers crossed!

We won! We won!

Then auctioneer Beth closes the bidding and announces the winner. Yea..perhaps you are a lucky winner like Inge and Phyllis! Next the savvy shoppers who teamed up for bidding (and pooled their resources) have fun dividing up their yarn conquest winnings. This is a lot of fun to watch!

Hey... I wanted that yarn!

And sometimes...there is even fighting over yarn!

Just kidding, of course!

Sheila and Michele
The Organizers!

A great big thank you to Sheila and Michele for a fantastic Trash to Treasure night! Thank you to our wonderful auctioneer Beth and to Cindi for being the cashier.

According to Cindi, the lowest yarn lot (baby yarns) sold for $20.00 to Kendall and the highest selling yarn lot went for $80.00 to Catherine & Co.. All in all it was a fun night with over $500.00 raised for our library fund.

Coming on the look out for some fabulous new library books in the Stockinettes Library thanks to Trash to Treasure!


  1. Big fun! Thanks for the great pictures. I just finished a project and had a skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace left over that I put in my Trash to Treasure bag to donate next year. Nina

  2. Boo hoo... I had to miss Trash to Treasure this year due to family obligations. It looks like it was lots of fun. "Lucky" Lisa

  3. Great write up, Lisette!

    I'd like to add a little correction. A lot of members put in time organizing this event, besides for Michele and me.

    Let's send a BIG "Thank You" to them. It definitely takes a group effort to make events like this successful.


    p.s. Hey, Michele! Did u notice I didn't have a cheesy smile (for once) in our photo?


  4. Great post, Lisette! I love seeing all the pictures. Tucked away in my cashier's chair I miss the action on the auction floor. It will be fun to see what everyone knits from their "trash stash"!

  5. I discoverd the blog a few days ago and enjoyed reading everything and looking at the pictures. I missed Trash to Treasure also, mostly because I was afraid to come home with any more yarn. Maybe next year