Friday, August 21, 2009

It's California State Fair Time!

It's State Fair Time!

It's California State Fair time! The fair officially opens today and runs through September 7, 2009. This year's theme is Weird Wild and Wacky!

Did you know that the California State Fair actually began in 1854? Many of us have wonderful memories of going to the California State Fair. Well, besides livestock, rides and corn dogs...there is actual knitting going on at the State Fair, too!

Be sure to check out the Camellia City Stockinettes booth on Friday 8/28 and Saturday 8/29, 2009. Our booth is located in the Creative Arts Building # 8. Please stop by and say hello.

State Fair 2009 Competition Winners!

Every knitter dreams about winning a blue ribbon at the State Fair! Well, this year the Camellia City Stockinettes are proud to say that we have several State Fair Creative Arts Competition winners in our guild.

President Lorna Miser, Nancy Campbell
& Michael Marks, The Produce Guy

Golden Bear Awards Ceremony

Nancy Campbell won First Place in the Adult Knitted Apparel competition and also received the Camellia City Stockinettes Award for her prize winning "In The Garden Shawl". Nancy was presented her CCS award last evening by President Lorna Miser at the Golden Bear Awards Ceremony. Congratulations Nancy!

Karolyn Simon won First Place in the Crochet Competition for her prize winning Felted Entrelec Purse. She also took home an Honorable Mention for her crochet Ballerina Doll. In the Knitting Competition Karolyn received two more Honorable Mentions for her Knit Gnome and Claire's Sweater, a child's lace design. Way to go Karolyn!

Karolyn has this to say about entering State Fair Competitions: "It is a lot of fun! I urge all Stockinettes to serioulsy start thinking about next year. Look at the fair handbook and then start pattern searching!" Great advice Karolyn!

Wilma Keith received two Honorable Mentions for her crochet Baby Afghan and Oriental Tea Set. Congratulations Wilma! Also special thanks go out to Wilma for her hard work in organizing our Camellia City Stockinette's booth at the State Fair!

So long for now.....and we'll see you at the Fair!


  1. Way to go, Nancy, Karolyn and Wilma! I can't wait to see your beautiful award winners at the fair.
    Lucky Lisa

  2. Looks like the booth was a success. Besides for the fun we had setting it up and "manning" it, we brought new people into the guild meeting! Hooray!