Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sock Summit Report

Sock Summit 2009

It was dubbed "The Greatest Sock Show on Earth"! By all accounts it certainly was. Sock Summit 2009 was a smashing success according to the lucky four Camellia City Stockinette knitters who attended!

Sock Summit 2009 was a sock conference for hand knitters held August 6 - 9, 2009 in Portland Oregon. Sock knitters from around the globe filled the Portland Convention Center for classes, a marketplace, book signings, world record knitting and a sock museum.

Presenting: The Sock Summit Stockinettes!
(left to right: Stitch Marker Lady,
Stockinettes: Judee, Doris, Beth and Cindi)

The Camellia City Stockinettes take knitting very seriously. We are known to have some very talented sock knitters in our guild. Four of those serious sock knitters made the trek up to Oregon for the first ever Sock Summit.

Our Secretary, Beth Callahan had this to say about Sock Summit 2009:

We had so much fun!

It is rare to see such a well-organized first-time event. It attracted people from all over the world. I had one class with Meg Swanson and there were two Australians who travelled all the way from Melbourne just to attend Meg's 3-hour class. They said it was totally worth it and I agree with them!

Take a look at the Sock Museum!

The Sock Museum made it's debut at Sock Summit. It is a real live exhibit and a historical timeline of socks from the past to the present. All the knit socks were hand knit by actual volunteer knitters. The Stockinettes are proud to have two volunteer knitters who knit socks for the Sock Museum; Beth Callahan and Cindi Unmack.

The Sock Museum will continue on as an online exhibit for all knitters to contribute to. Congratulations Beth and Cindy for your contribution!

Beth knit Joan's Sock
Pattern by Joan Hamer 1995

Cindi knit Feather & Fan Socks
Iconic Sock Pattern

History in the Making!

Cindi, Barbara Walker and Beth!

History was in the making at Sock Summit 2009. Many fabulous knitting teachers and celebrities were there. Yes, that is Cindi and Beth with the Barbara Walker! Barbara Walker is a famous American knitting author treasured for her knitting treasury series on stitch reference first published in the 1960's and 1970's!

The Sock Summit knitters made history,too! On Friday August 7, 2009...935 knitters broke the Guinness World Record for the most people knitting simultaneously. Way to go knitters!

Rumor has it...the next Sock Summit could be Toronto 2010! See you there!

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