Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Spin!

Let's Spin!

Introduction to Spinning was the February Program Class. Stockinette President Lizette Hopkins is an avid spinner and led this fun and informative workshop for the Stockinettes.

Here's a quick recap of Introduction to Spinning:

Cheryl's a Spinner!

Most of the Intro to Spinning attendees had never spun before. Each attendee was given a drop spindle and fleece to spin their own yarn. Lizette began the program with instructions on how to even make your own drop spindle.

As the photo above shows, Cheryl and the Stockinettes had no trouble getting the hang of spinning!

Ready, Set...Spin!

Spin, Spin, Spin!

Lizette worked the room making sure everyone was able to get the hang of spinning with a drop spindle.

Sandy spinning away!

Stockinette Sandy loves to spin. She became hooked on spinning at last year's
Lambtown in Dixon.

She loves spinning and says "it's very therapeutic"!

If you haven't tried spinning...why not give it a try!

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