Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet the 2010 Board of Directors!

2010 Board of Directors

Meet the 2010 Board of Directors!

Front Row (left to right):
Treasurer: Barbara Debert, Secretary: Emmy Aricioglu and President: Lizette Hopkins

Back Row (left to right):
Dual Membership: Doris Keller, Dual Vice Presidents: Beth Callahan & Cindi Unmack, Dual Membership: Jude Tarrant

Let's hear it for the Camellia City Stockinettes
2010 Board of Directors!

Thank you ladies for your dedication and hard work!
We know it will be a wonderful year under your leadership!


  1. That is a good looking group! Plenty of good looking fiber as well. Thanks, ladies, for taking good care of us. Nina

  2. Yes, let's hear it for the "Board"! Thank you, ladies, for taking this on to keep our great guild going. Your efforts are appreciated by many - myself included :-)