Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's Make a Sock Yarn Blanket!

Sheila's Stunning Sock Yarn Blanket!

The July Tuesday Night Program was another fun filled night for the Stockinettes! The program agenda this month was learning how to make mitered squares to make a Sock Yarn Blanket.

The program night was led by Cindi Unmack. Cindi's very own Sock Yarn Blanket has inspired many other Stockinette Knitters to join the fun of knitting a Sock Yarn Blanket.

Here's what Michele C. had to say about the Program:

Tuesday evening’s program started with the “Great Wee Ball Swap”.

Everyone put their “wee balls” on the table, looked around, started pointing and the ooos and aaahs began. Who knew there were so many beautiful sock yarns to choose from; every color you can imagine. Everyone walked around the table selecting “wee balls” for their own projects and couldn’t wait to get started knitting them.

Cindi explained the concept of a mitered square, explained how to get started and everyone took off. After making two squares Cindi demonstrated how to pick up stitches and add in the third square. There was quite a bit of discussion on whether the blankets should have “innees” or “outees” but everyone knew what they wanted. By the end of the evening some ladies were already pulling out their sample squares and starting a “project.”

Cindi had patterns for other mitered square project (think slippers, socks and scarves).

It was an evening filled with fun and we can’t wait to see all those mitered square projects at the August meeting.

Thank you Michele for your fabulous report!

Close Knit Friends &
Sock Yarn Blanket Knitters!

Knitting a Sock Yarn Blanket "is fun and addictive" according to Sheila's Ravelry project page! Sheila and her fellow Stockinettes friends Kimberly and Michele all caught the Sock Yarn Blanket bug from Cindi Unmack a few years ago!

Thank you to Cindi Unmack for leading another fun filled Tuesday Night Program.

Special thanks to Michele C. for bringing her sock yarn blanket and for offering help teaching during the program.

Special thanks to Sandi Benward for bringing "wee yarn balls" donated by Babetta's Yarn & Gifts for everyone to take at the program night.

Sock Yarn Blanket

So are you ready to being your very own Sock Yarn Blanket now?

Cindi Unmack and the Stockinette Knitters were all inspired by Shelly Kang's Mitered Square Sock Yarn Blanket.

You can find the free pattern on Ravlery and read Shelly's tips "All About the Blankie" on her blog.

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  1. Stunning?... Oh, stop it! JK - Thanks, Lisette, for the great write up (and blanket compliments :-). I do LOVE mine.