Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out & About

Close-Knit Friends at Knitique
Paige, Shirley and Bonnie

Caught on camera Wednesday at Knitique were close-knit friends Paige, Shirley and Bonnie out Shop Hopping!

According to the Stockinette ladies they were doing their own sort of Shop Hop at Rumpelstiltskin, Babetta's Yarn & Gifts, and Knitique.

Paige and Bonnie recently recruited their friend Shirley to the Guild. Welcome Shirley!

Also Out & About

Another group of Stockinettes, Lorna, Sheila, Michele and Daniella spent a beautiful day up at Donner Lake on Wednesday at an event sponsored by Kelly of Lake Tahoe Yarn Company. The event featured Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure & Simple.

Daniella said "it was so nice sitting under the trees knitting". She really enjoyed meeting Diane and says she "is so down to earth". She loved that there were samples from Knitting Pure & Simple to admire and try on.

Daniella also reported that the ladies saw another Stockinette member Lisa from Folsom there, too. They all had a great time and look forward to next year's event.

Close-Knit friendships are just one of the fabulous benefits of being a Camellia Stockinette!

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  1. We did have a lovely day, Lisette. We missed your company, though. See you soon :-)