Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Let the Bidding Begin!

The July Guild Meeting is probably the most fun meeting of the year because it's also the Trash to Treasure night.

This year's Trash to Treasure was another fun filled event thanks to all the fabulous donations and the evening's auctioneer Lorna Miser!

This year there were twelve Trash to Treasure lots and four raffle drawings. The yarn lots went for as low as $9.00 to well over $30.00. All the money raised goes directly to the Stockinettes Library fund.

Divvying up the Winnings!

Kendal was the big winner of the evening. She was the lucky winner of two yarns lots and one raffle lot,too. Way to go Kendal!

As in former years, some Stockinettes formed a team and bid on a lot together. Catherine, Jude and Lisa (photo above) were the lucky high bidders on the pink yarn lot. They scored some really beautiful yarns in lovely shades of pinks. Congratulations ladies and kudos on your Stockinette teamwork!

Other lucky winners on the raffle lots were: Daniella , Chris and Phyllis. These lucky ladies won raffle lots filled with books along with various knitting accoutrement's. A big score for any knitter for just a $1.00 raffle ticket!

Sheila & Michele

A great big thank you to Sheila and Michele for organizing

another fantastic Trash to Treasure night!


  1. Way to go, Sheila and Michele! Thanks for organizing such a popular event. Lorna did a great job as auctioneer as well. Fun evening. Nina

  2. Thanks to everyone who helped and bid. It was a fun evening. Great job reporting, Lisette.